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LE ButterCream Collection - The Drive-In (Summer 22)

LE ButterCream Collection - The Drive-In (Summer 22)
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Nothing says Summer like a drive-in movie on a warm July night. The giant screen is showing a classic film, the popcorn is hot and the air is thick with romance. Meet LE’s all-new Summer 2022 The Drive In ButterCream collection and transport yourself to a dreamy place where your biggest concern is whether the top on the convertible will be down—or stay up—tonight.

The Drive In’s six new Oscar-winning shades capture all the anticipation, drama and butterflies Summer love entails with a palette both sophisticated and sultry. The colors range from neutral to bold in a complementary array that captures all the contrast of the bright screen against the dark sky of a Summer night. Each shade has been carefully selected to pair well with the next, allowing nail professionals to make their own movies—one nail at a time—all while offering their clients on-trend colors that guarantee the story ends happily.

Collection includes one 5mL jar of each:

Backseat Necking: A cool-toned, creamy neon pink! This pink is truly a showstopper. A neon pink with a touch of sophistication that complements the trendiest of looks.

Double Feature: This is your perfect neutral brown! Double Feature is a milk-chocolate brown with a touch of extra milk. The creamy, neutral buff tone makes this shade fun to wear and fashionable all at once.

Movie Under the Moonlight: Muddled grey meets lavender to create this luscious shade. The grey and lavender combination give Movie Under the Moonlight a feeling of playful sophistication perfect for any occasion. 

Previews and Popcorn: A carnation pink with a slightly warm, satin finish. The peachy, neutral undertones make Previews and Popcorn easy to wear with just enough shimmer to add a bit of dazzle to your look.

Those Summer Nights: A tangerine creamsicle! This soft orange is balanced by a lot of white in the background to soften and transform this orange into a wearable shade that could be called a bright neutral.

Twilight Date Night: A muddy Summer turquoise. Twilight Date Night is the perfect blend of blue and green with enough depth to wear with a variety of styles. 

Summer 2022 Collection

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