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LE Champagne and Caviar Colour Collection 17mL - Winter 2020

LE Champagne and Caviar Colour Collection 17mL - Winter 2020
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Winter is a dark, cold canvas peppered with the bright excitement of holiday festivities and fashions, and the Winter 2020 Champagne & Caviar collection is the perfect embodiment of this powerful contrast. Inspired by the rich glamour of winter celebrations, Champagne & Caviar balances complex textures, sophisticated shades and gleaming metallics, making any luxurious look possible and securing your place at the party.

Collection includes one 17mL UV/LED jar of each:

Bougie Babe: A dark, creamy plum for those that like to explore the dark, rich dimensions of purple. The perfect color to complete any bougie, sophisticated look. This color can be a bright purple with one coat or transform into the darker plum when two coats are applied.

First Class Only: A rich, sophisticated shimmery cranberry red. A hint of dark, rustic red gives this shade a balance of classy, elegant color and stunning shimmer perfect with your first class look.

Living Lavish: A rich cherry-red base with fine flashes of sparkling pink glitter. This happy shade adds a smile to any look all year long.

Made of Money: A peacock-green color with elegant, fine blue and green shimmers throughout the emerald base. A great color for those looking to add a luxurious jade accent to their ensemble.

Pampered to Perfection: A deep, luscious creamy maroon. This dark color appears nearly brown a hint of purple, giving it unique dimension and complexity.

Sitting Pretty in a Penthouse: A creamy berry mauve with tones of muted fuchsia. This eye-catching shade sits between pink and purple, screams style and deserves its place in the penthouse.

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