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Gel Colors

LE Black Tie 17mL

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LE ButterBling Holo

Gel Colors

LE Earl Grey 17mL

Gel Colors

LE Fast Lane 17mL

Gel Colors

LE G I Jane 17mL

LE ButterCream Your Churn 5mL - Debut
LE Butter Cream Cleopatra - Gift
LE ButterCream Mantra Mauve - Shibui
LE Black Tie 17mL
LE Cozy Up To Fall Mini Color Collection 6ml - Fall 2019
LE Butter Cream Shibui Collection
LE Cherry Cordial 17mL - Winter 2018
LE ButterCream Rosey Posey 5mL - Favourites
LE Cream No Sugar 17mL
LE ButterCream Black Tie 5mL - Basics
LE Tie-one-on in Taiwan 17ml - Winter 2019
LE ButterCream Now & Zen - Shibui
LE Butter Cream Walk Like an Egyptian - Gift
LE ButterCream Wink Wink - First Date
LE Hold Me Closer 17mL - Spring 2018
LE ButterCream Just White 5mL - Basics
LE ButterBling Holo
LE ButterCream Show Me Your Chakra - Shibui
LE Butter Cream Gold Bug - Poet
LE Earl Grey 17mL
LE Cup of Ambition 17mL
LE ButterCream Real Red 5mL - Basics
LE ButterCream Fast Lane 5mL - Favourites
LE #DontBeLate 17mL
LE Rosey Posey 17mL
LE Longboard 17mL - Summer 2018
LE ButterCream Mistresses of All Evil Collection
LE ButterCream Inhale Exhale - Shibui
LE ButterCream - Sisterhood
LE Butter Cream Tell-Tale Heart - Poet
LE Butter Cream Goddess Within - Gift
LE Fast Lane 17mL
LE ButterCream Udder Perfection 5mL - Debut
LE ButterCream Grade A 5mL - Debut
YN Go Time - Wakey Wakey
YN Go Time - Not Your Baby
LE ButterCream Female & Fabulous - Woman
LE Butter Cream Persian Plum - Gift
LE Butter Cream Nevermore - Poet
LE ButterCream Short Skirt, Flirt Flirt - First Date
YN Mission Control - Fizz
YN Go Time - Anywhere But Here
YN Go Time - Let`s Be Frank
LE G I Jane 17mL
LE ButterCream With This Ring - Mrs.
LE ButterCream Ride the Rails 5mL - Favourites
LE ButterCream Lady in Lace - Mrs.
LE A Lotto Gelatto - Spring 2019


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