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receive gel nail training

The proper application of gel nails is complex. Creating nails that last through the wear and tear of daily life requires skill and hands-on experience. Complicating the process, methods and techniques required can vary based on the products and brands you use. Your customer’s experience with a gel nail product depends on what you’re applying and how you’ve applied it. That’s why it’s so critical to have one-on-one training with your product of choice.

Our classes are designed to provide a unique one-on-one learning environment. You’ll get custom instruction from a certified nailbasics® Education Leader who is also a practicing nail technician. Dates and times are set by you with your Education Leader.

  • Our education courses are for techs who:
  • Are beginners
  • Need a refresher
  • Want to learn about nailbasics products
  • Want to improve their skills as a nail technician

After completing our training you will receive full certification. This will allow you to access the full range of nailbasics products, as well as our other premium brands and tools.

show and share

If you are a practicing nail technician and want to start using the nailbasics® UV gel system, the Show and Share is designed for you. The Show and Share introduces you to all gels in the nailbasics® line and gives you access to our training videos for just $295.00. From thin to thick clear builders and natural to bright white tip gels, we are certain you will find combinations that suit your style for building nails that stand up to the rigours of every lifestyle. Our New Nails and Nail Fill videos are still considered the best gel nail training videos the industry has to offer.

On top of that you have the option of spending up to 4 hours with a nailbasics Education Leader within 6 months of purchase at no extra charge which will help you transition to the nailbasics® UV gel system and you will receive a Certificate from your Education Leader once completed.

Still not sure – purchase the nailbasics® 3 gram try-me kit for only $35 plus tax, which also includes access to both training videos and shipping to anywhere in Canada!

upcoming classes

View our upcoming classes to find one that fits into your schedule.
Classes are located at our head office in Edmonton as well as online classes. Classes run approximately from 9:00 am -3:00 pm ( Some classes differ). Please contact us for more information or to register for our beginner program

acrylic vs. gel nails – which is better?

Many clients confuse gel nails with acrylic nails, but the two are very distinct. First of all there is no such thing as “powder gel”. It is either gel, kind of like honey, or acrylic, which compromises of two components, liquid and powder. There are hard gels, which cannot be soaked off and soak off gels. Acrylic nails cure through evaporation, while gel nails cure in a lamp that emits UV rays. Acrylic nails have a strong chemical odor, while gel nails are virtually odorless.

To learn more about topics like this, and to view tutorials and guides, visit our blog.



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