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receive gel nail training

The proper application of gel nails is complex. Creating nails that last through the wear and tear of daily life requires skill and hands-on experience. Complicating the process, methods and techniques required can vary based on the products and brands you use. Your customer’s experience with a gel nail product depends on what you’re applying and how you’ve applied it. That’s why it’s so critical to have one-on-one training with your product of choice.

Our classes are designed to provide a unique one-on-one learning environment. You’ll get custom instruction from a certified nailbasics® Education Leader who is also a practicing nail technician. Dates and times are set by you with your Education Leader.

  • Our education courses are for techs who:
  • Are beginners
  • Need a refresher
  • Want to learn about nailbasics products
  • Want to improve their skills as a nail technician

After completing our training you will receive full certification. This will allow you to access the full range of nailbasics products, as well as our other premium brands and tools.

show and share

If you are a practicing nail technician and want to start using the nailbasics® UV gel system, the Show and Share is designed for you. The Show and Share introduces you to all gels in the nailbasics® line and gives you access to our training videos for just $295.00. From thin to thick clear builders and natural to bright white tip gels, we are certain you will find combinations that suit your style for building nails that stand up to the rigours of every lifestyle. Our New Nails and Nail Fill videos are still considered the best gel nail training videos the industry has to offer.

On top of that you have the option of spending up to 4 hours with a nailbasics Education Leader within 6 months of purchase at no extra charge which will help you transition to the nailbasics® UV gel system and you will receive a Certificate from your Education Leader once completed.

Still not sure – purchase the nailbasics® 3 gram try-me kit for only $35 plus tax, which also includes access to both training videos and shipping to anywhere in Canada!

Terri Halseth

Camrose AB | 780-781-7821


I have been doing nails since 2007. I moved to Camrose November of 2007.

My daughter wanted me to stay home, but we could not afford for me not to work. So my journey began, looking for a career I could do from home. I was also looking for a new nail technician and getting very frustrated with the lack of ability of the techs in Camrose. I was ready to drive 2.5 hours to our home town to get my nails done, when I found my nail tech and educator. She noticed my interest in nails right away and asked me why I wasn’t doing nails. After 2 months of training, I was licensed and on my way to building a great career from home. In less than a year I was certified as a Nail Therapist and on my way to being an educator. I don’t know any other career where you can advance so quickly. I am so thrilled to share my abilities and enthusiasm for nailbasics.

Nicole Collier

Edmonton, South AB | 780-668-2487


In the fall of 2008, my journey with nailbasics began. I successfully completed my training and opened a salon in my home. My goal has been to own my own salon, work my scheduled hours, and have the luxury of raising my two girls, all the while doing something I love. I chose nailbasics for their superior products, one-on-one training, additional classes offered for personal growth, their professionalism, and their promise to provide continued support. It didn't take me long to realize that nailbasics is a branded leader in this industry. Spring of 2011, I became an Education Leader for nailbasics, joining an amazing team of women. I have been able to learn and grow so much, and have had some wonderful experiences. It's very rewarding to mentor and be a part of so many other people's journeys. nailbasics has challenged me and taught me so much about myself. I am strong and confident, and have the greatest job!

Christine Cosgrove

St Albert AB | 587-334-2350


I have been a Professional Nail Technician with nailbasics and a Certified Master Pedicurist with the North American School of Podology since 2010. In 2016, I decided to further my knowledge and passion with gel nails. I started my own small business called Just Gellin Nail Therapy and have worked hard to become an Education Leader, this is something I've strived for. The opportunities are endless for myself growing as an Educator and helping spread the knowledge to students. The importance of health and safety is at the highest standard, I love gel system we have at nailbasics, by far the best way to keep your natural nails healthy and beautiful!! The support from the team at nailbasics really makes you feel like you're part of the family.

Sheila Hatch

Merritt BC | 250-280-8521


I became a licensed esthetician in 2001. The one area I felt the weakest was nail enhancements, feeling I lacked the necessary skills and confidence to build a successful clientele, I struggled for years. I tried different products and techniques, but in the end I was left feeling defeated, so I gave up. Years later I was asked to be a model for a friend of mine who was taking the nailbasics Professional Nail Technician Program. I watched in amazement as she worked with the gel and felt the confidence in her hands as did my nails. It wasn't long afterwards that I took the nailbasics Show and Share program. I haven’t looked back since. nailbasics has given me the training and confidence I needed so badly to become the Nail Technician and nailbasics Education Leader I am today! Educating since 2003 and passionately loving it!

Wendy Dusterhoft

Drayton Valley AB | 780-542-1189


Empowerment, strength, confidence is what comes to my mind to describe my nail technician career! I started on my nail career path in 2006 after doing some research into different companies. I decided to go with nailbasics due to their high standards with education, Health and Safety, Business Building course, and quality of gel. The ongoing support is something that stood out to me as well. With all the encouragement, support and tools given to succeed I decided that I needed to return the favour to up coming Nail Technician's. In the spring of 2011 I became an Education Leader with nailbasics. I thrive on offering my support and knowledge and abilities to a new technician to help them be the very best they can be. Recognition of my passion and hard work has not gone unnoticed as I have received many awards from nailbasics. I have received Novice of the Year award, Mentor of the year award, Education Leader of the Year award and Balance and Harmony award! Truly the most prestigious company to be a part of. With all the support, I have grown from a home based nail business and am now working out of the salon Fix It Naturally in Drayton Valley, AB. I am looking forward to supporting you on your new journey and success in the gel nail industry.

Dawn Van Ameyde

Edmonton, South East AB | 780-267-9727


My journey in the nail industry began in 1999 after completing the full Aesthetics course at Marvel College. After graduating, I worked at a nail salon and had the privilege of training one on one with Kathi. I learned the fundamentals of applying gel nails. I am proud to have been with nailbasics since they opened their doors in 2000. In my years of being a self employed nail technician and educator, I have grown as a person and business woman. I was an educator with nailbasics from 2006 to 2008 and then resumed again in 2014 and I haven’t looked back. From my years of experience, nailbasics has the best supported program in the industry with their ongoing support to technicians and educators. I am excited to be a part of this company/family and get to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience of the nailbasics gel system with you.

Liana Heitman

Edmonton, South Central AB | 780-940-6494


Working with nailbasics since 1997 has been a very rewarding experience. Given the length of time I have been at my desk as an Independent Small Business Owner and nailbasics’ Education Leader, it is no surprise this company offers unrivalled opportunities. Let nailbasics guide you towards your own successful career in our amazing industry!

Tanya van der Geest

Wainwright AB | 780-842-1669


I became an aesthetician in 2008 to be able to have a more flexible schedule with having active children. With this I kept taking courses to further my education and I still keep taking courses to this day. In 2016 I decided to become an education leader to be able to help others fulfill their dream in becoming a nail technician. I love nailbasics ‘ products and what the team stands for. I am excited to be able to help others move ahead in their careers as a nail technicians.

Dayle Trytten

Ponoka AB | 403-350-6687


I started my training in 2007 with nailbasics and I was excited to become a great nail technician. Working full-time as a single mom I wanted something that could be worked around my three children. In 2008 I became certified and started my own business to build my own clientele, which did not take long very long because of the great products and knowledge that was available. Nailbasics was there for me if there were any questions or concerns.I am so passionate about being in this industry that I have continued on to becoming a nail educator for nailbasics.

Emanuelle Collette

Cold Lake AB | 780-812-6248


I became a certified nail technician the summer of 2008, I was looking for a career that would fit my family as well as our busy lifestyle and from the excellent training I received with nailbasics I hit the ground running and started my fabulous nail studio Vogue Gel Nails. I absolutely love this industry and nailbasics has given me an opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with future nail techs. The reason I chose nailbasics was that not only are their products first rate but the one on one training and support you get from nailbasics, you will not receive anywhere else. So if you are looking for a fun, fantastic career change that's always evolving give us a call, we can't wait to hear from you.

Denée Ritchie

Prince Albert SK | 306-763-0315


I've been in the nail industry since 1999,in the first two years I used many different types of gel products but none as durable and natural looking as nailbasics. I've been using nailbasics ever since and have built a clientele of over 100 repeat clients many of which have tried other products on their nails and preferred nailbasics!

With the support of my clients I decided to join the education team in 2003 and I continue to learn more about our industry everyday! nailbasics is always growing with the industry and offers the most amazing support not only with education leaders but all nail technicians! As an education leader I enjoy teaching and passing on my knowledge and techniques to people who would like to be a part of an amazing company.

With the support of Tim and Kathi in 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to open a distribution and education centre in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

It continues to grow and bring many beauty professionals in who are interested in a great product and those looking for a rewarding career in the nail industry.

Jennifer Kornel

Stony Plain AB | 780 318 4357


I have been a nail technician since 2007 and I have been educating for nailbasics since 2009. I love that I get to do what I love and support my family on my own. I am a single parent to four children, three of which have autism. This career has made it possible that I can be involved in my kids lives and give them as great of a life as I can, on my schedule, all while making my dreams come true as well!

I enjoy teaching and guiding new technicians throughout their journey with nailbasics. I like to help throughout the years and see how far my girls go. You are never just a number to me; my goals are to see your dreams come true as well.

Carrie-Lynn Soucy

Stony Plain AB | 780-232-3139


I started my career in 1998 and I have been educating since 2000. I have used multiple gel systems and none of them compare to nailbasics . Nailbasics offers an extensive and exclusive product line and amazing educational support. Being an Education nailbasics Leader for nails has allowed me to share my passion and knowledge for the industry. I have my business set up out of my home, which has given me a lot of flexibility and time with my family.

Rhonda Cornelius

St Albert AB | 780-722-0296


I was working for a large marketing company that had high demands and so I sought out a profession where I could build quality relationships and feel a passion for my work. In 1998 I decided to begin a new journey and become a nail technician. It’s a job where people leave feeling happy and more confident about themselves from a positive environment. A career as a nail technician sounded perfect for me. Today I own Gelous Nails Esthetics & Hair. I have my nail therapist certificate and with great pleasure joined the nailbasics family as an Education Leader. I believe nailbasics is a leader in the industry with a top quality education program, advanced professional products, and a team of Education Leaders that strive to help everyone become the best they can be!

Bonnie Cornelius

St Albert AB | 780-914-6028


When I’m not busy being mom, I work as an educator with nailbasics and nail technician at Gelous Nails Esthetics & Hair. I have been a Certified Nail Technician since 2010 and an Education Leader with nailbasics since 2015. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree, but my passion is nails. I love working in a positive environment helping people feel good about themselves every day. I am always about furthering your intellect and abilities; therefore education holds a high importance to me not only in my career, but in life. Because of this I am proud to offer potential students the opportunity to learn with me and become a successful nail technician as well. I guarantee a career you will love as well as the excitement of meeting many new people and making them feel great about their nails.

Sheila Colpitts

Edmonton, West AB | 780-994-0338


I was introduced as a client to gel nails in 2002 by a friend and fellow educator. I chose to use the nailbasics line because there are no other products that even compare. I was fortunate to start my nail career in May 2008. Since then, I have been growing my own home-based nail salon, At Nails Edge. My diverse clientele has provided me with the insight into their lives as well as my own. I have been grateful to have shared weddings, births, cries, hugs and laughter with so many of them. I am dedicated to helping you grow and reach your goals, whether you are starting out or are seeking a new direction in your life. The choice to be a Professional Nail Technician is one I have never regretted and I would be there to help you through all stages of your development. The main goals of my one-on-one training are to help you build a support network while teaching you how to be both well-rounded and profitable. If you are interested in nails and believe you have the passion to continue, I would love to talk with you.

Shirley Sonnenberg

Barrhead AB | 780-674-1360


I began my job as a Nail Technician in 1999. Initially it was only supposed to be part time to help supplement my income, but as my clientele grew, I knew it was time for a change. In 2001 I became an Educator with nailbasics and turned my part-time job into a full-time career. Being my own boss has allowed me the flexibility in my schedule to also be a stay at home mom. The support of my fellow Educators and nailbasics Home Office Team helps me achieve the highest and greatest success in my career. We are all in business for ourselves but not by ourselves.

Katelyn Swartz

Edmonton AB | 780-719-2890


I’ve just completed my first decade in what I call my dream career of Esthetics and Nails. It hasn’t always been a dream career because early on as I had been working, the one thing missing was doing gel nails. The whole reason I got into Esthetics was to do nails, and that was the only thing I wasn’t doing. That is when my journey with nailbasics began. I quickly became a nail technician through our Professional Nail Technician Program. After two years practicing as a full-time nail technician, I had the opportunity to become a nailbasics education leader. From experience the nailbasics education program sets you up for success. If I can leave you with one thing that would be write your goals down. What I talked about above was achieved only by writing it down. For example, when I graduated esthetics school my five-year goal was to become an educator. Wouldn’t you know that five years to the month I became an Education Leader with nailbasics. I am beyond proud to be partnered with a local company that believes in the same values as I do. I encourage a conversation maybe over a cup of coffee. Talk about your dream career.

Jen Kneiss

Red Deer AB | 403-598-1242


After making the difficult decision to change careers, I researched my options and realized becoming a nail technician was a path that I wanted to follow. My research led me to nailbasics and immediately I knew I had made the right decision. I was given the ability to continue working with people, making women feel beautiful, and also the ability to encompass a sense of pride in my work — especially my nail art. The quality of the products and the knowledge that was given to me has allowed me to pursue my ultimate goal, becoming a nailbasics Education Leader!

Sheryl Mihalich

Lloydminster AB | 780-875-1448


Brandy Robertson

Olds AB | 403-559-4218


My name is Brandy Robertson. I am located in Olds, Alberta and run a successful business as a Nail Technician and Esthetician. I received my Nail Technician license in 1995 in Abbotsford B.C. and then my Esthetician license in 1997. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work in a full service spa, own my own salon and also work from home giving me great experiences in the beauty industry. In 2003 I received my certification in Body Sugaring and added that to my long list of services including Gel Nails, Nail Art, Pedicures, and Waxing just to name a few. After moving our family and dairy farm to Sundre, A.B. in 2009 I took some time away from the industry to focus on our very busy daughter of 9yrs and son of 7yrs and helping when I could with the dairy farm. My passion for nails brought me back and it didn’t take me long to build a full cliental in Olds. I have always had the desire to become an educator in the industry but had never found the right fit for me until I was introduced to nailbasics. The nailbasics gel line and philosophy was a perfect fit for me. I have a strong belief in a solid foundation not only with the education but also with the company and nailbasics provides this. If you have been looking to get into a career that offers flexibility and creativity, I would love to talk with you. Please feel free to contact me. You can see some of my personal work on Instagram @naileditbybrandy or Facebook at Nailed it by Brandy.

Karlee Stewart

Lethbridge AB | 587-257-1237


I became a nail technician through nailbasics in March of 2012. I had just graduated high school and was not sure of what career path to choose. My mom had been a nailbasics technician for several years and suggested I give it a go. At first I thought it would be a temporary job but I soon fell in love with the work. Being able to be creative and social, as well as have control of my schedule were all factors that made me want to pursue this career. I can always rely on nailbasics because of the reliability of the products, and the above and beyond education they offer. By becoming an educator, I hoped to be able to help others find a fulfilling career that they can be passionate about.

upcoming classes

View our upcoming classes to find one that fits into your schedule.
Individual Classes are $199.00 each certain series when purchased together qualify for a $50 discount each per class. Classes are located at our head office in Edmonton. Classes run approximately from 9:00 am -3:00 pm. Please contact us for more information or to register for our beginner program

acrylic vs. gel nails – which is better?

Many clients confuse gel nails with acrylic nails, but the two are very distinct. First of all there is no such thing as “powder gel”. It is either gel, kind of like honey, or acrylic, which compromises of two components, liquid and powder. There are hard gels, which cannot be soaked off and soak off gels. Acrylic nails cure through evaporation, while gel nails cure in a lamp that emits UV rays. Acrylic nails have a strong chemical odor, while gel nails are virtually odorless.

To learn more about topics like this, and to view tutorials and guides, visit our blog.



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