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LE Glitter Collection - The Broadway Show 10mL (Winter 24)

LE Glitter Collection - The Broadway Show 10mL (Winter 24)
LE Glitter Collection - The Broadway Show 10mL (Winter 24)
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What is better than pulling inspiration from natural surfaces, textures and nature all around you? The Fall earth-tones, browns and deep jewel tones of this collection were pulled from the natural surroundings of nature. The rough edges of a rock or crystal to the smooth surface of granite and stone. The Fall trends are neutral but strong. The dark olive greens to the rich browns and burgundy’s— you will feel the nature all around you. The cohesion of this collection is going to inspire beautiful artwork where the ideas are endless.

Amethyst Kiss 
A deep, sophisticated, sexy purple! The dark purple background accentuates the tiny flashes of fuchsia and sapphire sparkles.

Clean Slate 
The combination of silver and black make the perfect slate! The darker background pops the stunning silver sparkles.

Diamond in the Rough 
Rich with color and lots of flashes of rose gold sparkle. This fine glitter is a deep rose, salmon-pink!

Mother of Pearl 
A flat pearl meets iridescent glitter. The iridescent is ever changing and flashes coppers, greens, blues and purples. Light, airy and delicate!

Pints & Quartz 
A fine, neutral glitter where tan meets just a touch of red. The neutral background is the perfect canvas to pop the light gold sparkles.

You’re a Gem 
A deep, luscious fuchsia glitter. This fine glitter pops a brighter pink because of the darker background. This is not your average fuchsia!

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