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MBI Foot File (fine/coarse)

MBI Foot File  (fine/coarse)
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100% Stainless steel Foot File double sided Fine/Coarse

Looking to invest in one foot file to use over the long run without any corrosion? Our most demanded file is the MBI-1046L foot file which is manufactured using high-pressure forging of layers made of 100% surgical grade stainless steel which is capable to perform under normal or expected conditions. Our stainless steel file is designed for professionals to use for durability and long-lasting ease of tension. The quality of the steel has a crucial influence on the quality of the file.

Our highly redefined passivation process protects instruments against corrosion due to repeated sterilization. Responding to customer’s needs, our stainless steel file features palm-friendly, easy-to-grip ergonomically designed finishes on the handles which gives optimal comfort, performance and expresses the ultimate in functional beauty. This file can be auto claved, reused and is durable for longevity for thousands of uses without any fear of wear or damage.

MBI stands behind every instrument produced and distributed.

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