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4 Ergonomically-friendly work habits that every Nail Technician can use to increase longevity

Going Strong after 40+ years

I have been an active nail technician since 1975. Throughout my many years servicing a large clientele  I find myself in the desirable position of being pain free. I attribute this to some basic rules of ergonomics that I practice on a regular basis.

Why It’s Important to Use an Electric Nail File

Using an electric nail file, as opposed to a hand file, is a critical part of increasing longevity for a nail technician.The electric nail file, sometimes referred to as an e-file or nail drill, eliminates repetitive motions which put strain on your back, neck and shoulders. An electric nail file allows for full rotation taking all of the strain out of your wrist. Economically, an electric file will save you more money than using disposable files.

My personal favorite e-file is the Erica’s MT20.  I have tried many others and in my opinion it is the best!  I am still using the same MT20 since 1991!

Position Your Work Station For Maximum Comfort

You can minimize back and shoulder issues by paying attention to your work station. Your desk should be at a height that allows your forearms to be parallel to the ground. The width of your desk should be approximately 20 to 24 inches and using an adjustable chair will allow you to work with both of your feet flat on the floor. Following these practices creates good posture and alleviates back strain.

The Advantages of  Using An Over Grip

The manner in which you grip your client’s finger is extremely important in keeping your wrist in a straight position.  Using the right position will allow you to work pain free, client after client, day in and day out. When holding the fingertip in an over grip position you will find your body in a very open position with your elbow out to the side. It is good practice to keep a small cushion to rest your elbow on.  The over grip will keep your wrist straight and allow you full mobility of the fingertip.  

An under grip will limit mobility and put a great deal of strain on your wrist.  

Get up and dance!

Ok, you don’t really need to dance, but do get up frequently and stretch.  Moving around and stretching will keep you mobile and you will be able to put in a longer day.

Becoming aware of proper ergonomics and practicing techniques that reduce repetitive motions will help you to be pain free in your nail technician career for many years and you will be able to function above the industry average.



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